Twitter is ablaze with outrage over a tweet by Megyn Kelly the host of Fox’s “America Live.” Kelly wonders whether a woman who was beaten into a coma by a man in a dispute over a parking space “deserves it.”

Here is a news snippet about the assault:

Oscar Fuller was so angry that Lana Rosas, a 25-year-old, was saving a parking space in New York’s East Village that he got out and punched the 4-foot-11 woman twice, knocking her off her feet. Rosas is now in a coma and has suffered permanent brain damage, reports the New York Post. Fuller drove off but was later arrested by police

Here is Kelly’s tweet:

@megynkelly: A man beats a 100 pound woman into a coma over a parking space. He claims she deserves it. Could he be right? In Kelly’s Court!

The outrage generated by Kelly’s amoral ratings chasing provocation may not go away anytime soon, if GottaLaff’s post about the despicable tweet at Political Carnival is any indication:

My buddy drdigipol posted a Twitpic of a Megyn Kelly tweet (see below) in his own tweet:

ON THE RECORD: JPG of @megynkelly‘s horrid tweet on a beaten woman: #internationalwomensday #fem2

Here’s one more tweet from Center for American Progress Action Fund:

@CAPAction: HORRID: Wretched 2 even pose this question on #InternationalWomensDay @megynkelly. SHAME ON YOU! #p2 #fem2 #npr pls RT

There is a lot of re-tweeting going on and the story is spreading fast. I don’t know if there is an organized effort to keep Kelly’s feet to the fire on this. If there isn’t, there ought to be.

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2 Responses to Tweeting the Outrage

  1. Tracie Gib says:

    Should Megyn be beaten to a pulp for this? Discuss.

    • Frederick Clarkson says:


      All that’s needed here is for people to look through this window on Kelly’s character — and encourage others to do the same.

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