Lots of interesting insights into the mind of homo republicanus (not that they’re homos — that pretty boy was just carrying their luggage!) in the latest PPP poll (PDF).

This stood out:

Do you think ACORN will steal the election for Barack Obama next year or not?

Think ACORN will steal the election 25%


Think they will not 43%


Not sure 31%

Which means that 56 percent think it a distinct possibility that ACORN — which was brought down last year by right-wing fraudster James O’Keefe’s creatively edited video “sting” — may yet steal the next election for that black dude in the White House.

I’m not sure if you can find a better indicator of the simmering sense of ethnic grievance and irrational fear of the loss of privilege that animate the conservative backlash than this. Oh, and let’s not forget the complete ignorance of what’s going on in our country. This poll basically shows that those crazy emails your grandmother forwards have an effect.

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4 Responses to 25 Percent of Republicans Think ACORN, Which Folded Last Year, Will “Steal” 2012 Elections

  1. Sandi Behrns says:

    I wrote about this yesterday on a different site (http://www.alan.com/2011/03/15/acorn-still-scary-apparently/).
    One has to speculate on that 25% that still thinks ACORN’s going to steal an election for Obama. The sad thing is that it’s rubes like that upon which the GOP & right-wing operatives count.

  2. Paul Rosenberg says:

    Check out the cross-tabs. Among those who identify as “very conservative” (38% of the respondents) it’s 35% thinking ACORN will steal the election, and 29% not sure.

  3. To quote Atrios, “Teh stupid — it burns!”

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