So earlier this week I had the privlege of hosting Charlie Rangel’s first ever blogger call.  We had about a dozen bloggers who joined us for an hour of questions and answers.  Rep. Rangel was honest in his answers and has already indicated he’s eager for the next one.

Now I’ve got a line of Reps. who have their schedulers looking at the calendars…when can they do a live blog? When can they do a blogger call? How about a live town hall on Visible Vote? And lo and behold, Tuesday my phone rang late in the evening…on the other end…

was a Republican! Rep. Jack Kimble of  CA-54 was calling to ask if I would be willing to host a Blogger call for him with Democratic bloggers!  A republican! Would I? Hell yeah… after all, who better to ask the tough questions of right?

I asked him why in the world he’d come into the lions den like that and he answered “because I have a special announcement I want to make” and “I want to prove that I’m really not like all those other Republicans out there”.

Now I didn’t really know much about Rep. Kimble but I figured, why not?  If he’s willing to answer our questions, who am I to deny Democratic bloggers this kinda fun?  So then I started digging…and I found this:

a blog! Rep. Kimble is a blogger himself…cool!

Then I took a look at this twitter account and found this:

Apparently Rep. Kimble has formed an exploratory committee and is thinking about running for President and he wants me to host a blogger call for him? That sealed he deal.

So what say you…can you join us this Tuesday 3/15 at 8 pm EST for this very special blogger call?  Message me on Daily Kos at spedwybabs or post a way I can contact you in the comments and I’ll make sure you get the conference bridge information.

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Sped works as a social media consultant to Dem campaigns, legislative offices and assorted Democratic organizations. In her spare time, she works on message distribution and building message amplification, manages Progressive Congress News and occasionally reads and sleeps.

2 Responses to Now we’re getting down to business

  1. Jon says:

    From his “blog”:
    ‘America, your prayers have been answered. I have consulted heavily with the Koch Brothers and several other job creators who have all told me of the excessive barriers they face in this country. Many of these fine men and women are paying far higher taxes than their employees and that sort of unfairness must stop now. It is time for a candidate who will stand up for the little guy whether he is a person or a corporation…’

    Tells us all we need to know.

  2. mary says:

    I’m not a blogger, but I’d give a million dollars to be part of that call. Representative Kimble is the last great hope of white America. The people of California know this. He won an overwhelming victory in November — despite the tragic turkey launch incident and an opponent who played the pity card. Now, he’s been encouraged to run by Progress for Americans. As a woman, he makes me believe in my country again. Run Jack. Run.

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