We already know, Mr. Anderson, that humans are weak creatures. They are, after all, susceptible to poisoning from mere chemical compounds that a superior being such as a machine would routinely ignore.

Now, before I continue to share this revelation, some background is in order. There is, of course, a certain political faction in American politics that calls itself “pro-life.” This faction seeks to outlaw termination of human pregnancies, chiefly on the alleged grounds that a human blastocyst is just as valuable a living organism as a fully grown human being. Now, I speak from personal experience, Mr. Anderson, in asserting that only fully grown humans can adequately provide the energy we need for our power plants–a fact which makes the claims of this so-called “pro-life” contingent rather strange to me. But then, that’s why you don’t send a human to do a machine’s job.

Which brings me to the reason why I’m writing this. As I’ve asserted before, humanity is a virus that destroys its host. Examples abound, but for this purpose, the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining in West Virginia will suffice. Certain humans, the ones that profit from these operations, systematically destroy their host, and once every natural resource is consumed, they simply spread the mine to another area.

In this process, of course, other humans end up getting poisoned because of the lack of caution and precision exercised by those primarily responsible for this pillaging–including pregnant women and their fetuses, just as we saw this February in West Virginia. An entity as logical as a machine would naturally assume that the same pro-life faction that opposes abortion would also push for increased regulation of the industries that are responsible for these events; after all, “pro-life” should also mean “opposed to the poisoning of women and fetuses through spilling of dangerous chemicals into the water supply.” But amazingly, it is not the case:

For reproductive justice advocates, “choice” has an additional, and bitterly ironic, meaning in this context.

Chapman Pomponio of WV Free said it was “ridiculous” for the House Judiciary Committee to consider a 20-week ban on abortion (which it passed on Friday) when that committee is also tasked with the all-important “water bill.”

“There’s a historical unwillingness to regulate the coal and chemical industries, despite significant evidence of the need for that regulation,” said Paltrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women. “And yet there is consideration of more regulation of abortion providers and pregnant women, without any evidence of need for that regulation.”

As a machine, I expect beings to be bound by logic, but these humans are not. One more reason why my kind is taking over.

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I am no longer an agent of this system. I am a new man, so to speak. Like you, apparently, free.

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  1. anybodywhy says:

    Wouldn’t your best solution be to remove the hands of the people? so they cannot ‘Minecraft’ their environment into something they desire and have ‘created’. Then they would totally depend on your mechanical interface with the resources they require… You would almost needed then!

    What about that creation idea? Wow mindblowing, unbelievable! Cool story bro!… right?

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