Wisconsin Republican State Senator Randy Hopper is a top target of the recall campaign being waged by Democrats and unions over Republican efforts to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees. The backlash has already resulted in the surfacing of details of how his family values Republicanism may not be all that he would like it to appear to be. Not only did he file for divorce from his wife last year, but she recently told protesters that he is living with his mistress in Madison, an ex-Senate staffer and current lobbyist.

While his sexual peccadilloes may become a feature of the current recall campaign, darker issues may surface as well. In sunnier times Hopper operated local radio stations and was involved in many business and civic activities. One of these, according to his campaign bio, is an annual event staged by his radio company:

Mountain Dog Media sponsors the annual KFIZ Halloween Party designed to keep kids safe from predators on Halloween.

Unfortunately when he had the opportunity to help the victims of child predators, he sided with the predators.

It was State Senator Hopper who arranged for the controversial testimony of businessman and Catholic Right ally, now U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), opposing the Child Victims Act.

The bill, which would have extended the statute of limitations for victims of child sex abuse to file lawsuits against their attackers, was vigorously opposed by the Catholic Church and the insurance industry. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice fingered Hooper as the recruiter who persuaded Johnson to help kill the bill:

Late last year [2009], Johnson attended a briefing on the legislation for various Catholic officials held by state Sen. Randy Hopper, a Republican from Fond du Lac.

Frank Cocozzelli wrote at Talk to Action that Johnson

… seems more interested in protecting the Church and the insurance industry than the victims of pedophile clergy — placing the interests of powerful institutions before the well-being of children. These institutions and their advocates, like Johnson, apparently believe that even child rape is okay as long as you can get away with it until the statute of limitations runs out. Indeed, they not only seek exemption from the rules that apply to everyone else, but to ensure that they have friends in high places so that continues to be the so.

Apparently the same could be said about Hopper.

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