Last night Rep. Alan West had a townhall in  Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Progressive activist & Radio Host Nicole Sandler attended and well…I’ll let the video tell the story- pay attention starting at about the 3:30 mark

I have no idea how to embed on this blog so here’s the link :)

Now here’s the deal: not long ago Nicole had to sell her house in a short sale and move.  While bail is only $25 she’s going to need money for her legal fees.  We as a progressive community need to step and up help her as much as possible.  This is a woman who has never been afraid to call it as she sees it…and there’s no doubting her progressive cred.  Please if anyone can help- chip in a few bucks to help!  Donate Here to help Nicole

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Sped works as a social media consultant to Dem campaigns, legislative offices and assorted Democratic organizations. In her spare time, she works on message distribution and building message amplification, manages Progressive Congress News and occasionally reads and sleeps.

3 Responses to Radio Host Nicole Sandler Arrested at FL Townhall

  1. reggiewhitefish says:

    Sure could have used even half this much enforcement during the orchestrated shout down’s at town hall meetings in 2010. OOPS, forgot about selective enforcement, used only against people friendly activists, to support all things corporate.

  2. Debra Pilla says:

    Who would like to join me a Responsible Republican voter, and picket Allen West’s office! Let’s show this sob who is “Boss”. ITS the voters!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know and we will call attention to the media on this! Send me an EMAIL;

    Signed, Debra A Responsible Republican
    PS: Don’t touch MY Medicare ALLEN WEST!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nicole Sandler and Randi Rhodes represent progressive radio in Florida, a commodity that’s under attack by miscreants like governor Rick Scott and his Tea Party constituents. I also publish a progressive blog, which can be found at http:/ Look for a link back to Dirty Hippies over at The Poinciana Crane.

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