I’m writing a series of posts as a blogging fellow for the Strengthen Social Security Campaign, a coalition of more than 270 national and state organizations.

Here’s why:

The Strengthen Social Security Campaign launched a new campaign today “Don’t Make Me Work ‘Til I Die” designed to take on the bad assumptions and false solutions for the manufactured “crisis” in Social Security. Check out their launch video:

Social Security was created as a way to eliminate poverty amongst the senior population in the United States. And it is one of the most successful government programs in the history of the planet. It shows that when well-designed and continually re-examined and refined, government has an unparalleled power to solve societal challenges. During the Great Depression and before, the senior community in the United States was plagued with poverty. After Social Security hit its stride, seniors in the U.S. were amongst the senior populations on the planet with the lowest rate of poverty. Social Security works.

And as we are all familiar with now, the politicians in Washington are attempting to fix the ‘crisis’ in Social Security that doesn’t exist. We are told that it’s “going off a cliff,” that it is driving the deficit and the debt and that it’ll go bankrupt if we don’t make drastic changes and make them soon. Both parties in Washington are pushing solutions that are unnecessary and will undercut not only the success of the program, but will create new problems, like making Americans work until they die. That’s simply unconscionable.

And it isn’t needed. For any reason. There are simple solutions that help strengthen Social Security and hurt no one. We need to pressure the president and the members of Congress to pursue these common sense solutions. You can do this on April 27 and 28 and rallies across the nation designed to draw attention to the simple, easy, pain free solutions that will actually make the situation better and call attention to the false solutions being offered.

Go to Work Til We Die.org to find the rally closest to you. Here in Florida, it looks like a number of great events are shaping up in places like Jacksonville, Winter Garden, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach and Miami. This is a pretty big f**kin deal to quote somebody or other out there and you should be a part of it.

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